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Attention: Men looking for a thicker, fuller head of hair…

Discover The Amazing New Product That Savvy Men
Are Secretly Using To Regrow Their Own Hair!


You've seen the ads for hair growth drugs. These pharmaceutical companies claim their products will regrow hair and that may be true.

But they conveniently don’t mention some of their worst side effects like…

·         The new hair will fall out if you stop taking their medicine…

·         The hair which grows in might be a different color, texture, or thickness…

·         The hair may grow on your forehead instead of on top of your head…

·         Their medicine can cause permanent erectile dysfunction…

I don’t know about you but I don’t know any guy who’s willing to trade their ability to have a sex life forever just to get some more hair on their head. (Can you blame them?)

Then there’s surgery… if you’re willing to spend thousands of dollars to get 3 or 4 inches of your scalp cut off and something else sewn in its place.

Or just as bad, there’s surgical hair implants. The surgeon is going to install dozens of little hairs on your head and you’re told to hope all of them grow like normal hair?

Of course, either one is still surgery so there’s always a chance of visible scarring and potentially deadly infections.

You can’t help but wonder how you ever started losing your hair in the first place.

Was it bad genetics? Was it from wearing a hat too often? Or perhaps it really was from washing your hair too vigorously?

There are lots of theories and ideas on why men lose their hair but most of them are pure nonsense.

That’s why I want to clear up some confusion by revealing…

The Dirty Little Secret The Hair Loss Industry
Doesn’t Want You To Know…

Look, it doesn’t matter what you want to blame for your receding hairline. Because odds are, what you think is causing your hair loss probably isn’t to blame.

I want to let you in on a little secret.

It’s a secret a lot of other hair loss product sellers don’t want you to know. Because once you do, then you’ll never buy one of their products because they don’t treat the real cause of men’s hair loss.

For many men, it’s one main culprit for their thinning hair.

It’s a hormone made inside your body called Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT for short. Every time your body converts testosterone for needed tasks, this follicle killer is created. Left unchecked, it can wreck all kinds of havoc.

The “Waste Product” That Slowly Kills Your Hair…

So how does DHT figure in? Good question.

Hair follicles need to convert testosterone to work with it. As part of the normal conversion process, they turn a helpful hormone into DHT. Unfortunately, this “waste product” irritates hair follicles and causes them to become more sensitive. As the follicles become more sensitive, they react by shrinking smaller. 

How To Safely And Easily Regain Your Full Head of Hair…

It’s called Hair Assure and I think you’re going to love it.

Unlike many cure hair loss products on the market, Hair Assure will flush DHT away from your hair follicles while it rebuilds and revitalizes your hair. Best of all, it’s been proven to work and comes with no harmful side effects.

By using our product, your thinning hair will slowly become fuller and thicker again. You’ll be amazed as your hair starts looking as good as it did when you used to have a full head of hair.

The secret to Hair Assure is its proprietary mixture of ingredients.

Like our first ingredient. I think you’ll agree that it’s…

A Complete Game Changer For Hair Restoration!

It’s called Cynatine® HNS and it’s a complete game changer. Here’s why: One of the top universities in Italy recently did a three month long double-blind study of this ingredient.

The results after 90 days were astounding …

·         Over 34% less hair loss than those who took a placebo. 

·         Hair appearance improved by 47%…

·         95.8% of all test subjects who took Cynatine® HNS showed some type of hair health improvement. Only 33% of the control group showed any hair health improvement.

As I write this, Hair Assure is one of the only products on the market that contains Cynatine® HNS. The reason is simple... it’s a very expensive ingredient to add.

You see, when it comes to making supplements, we spare no expense to get the very best quality ingredients. We don’t cut corners on ingredient quality because we know how much of a difference a supplement that’s made with the very best ingredients can make.

Of course, Hair Assure contains more than one high-quality ingredient.

That’s I want to tell you about two more powerful ingredients we’ve put into each capsule of Hair Assure. Each ingredient by itself is quite effective. But together? They take their effectiveness to a higher level and that’s why I call them…

The “Dynamic Duo” That Can
Deliver Brighter, Healthier Hair…

Cysteine and Methionine are amino acids that work together to supercharge your hair growth.

Next, I want to share just one more ingredient that we’ve added to Hair Assure. You’ve probably heard of it because it’s…

Europe’s “Secret” Herbal Treatment

Silica is a proven agent for new hair growth. You see, Silica increases blood circulation in the scalp which help to flush DHT away and bring fresh needed nutrients to your hair follicles. It can help strengthen your hair follicles too.

That’s just a handful of the ingredients contained in every capsule of Hair Assure. I could tell you even more about Hair Assure’s ingredients, but I think you already see my point: We’ve packed the very best natural ingredients for repairing and growing new hair inside every capsule of Hair Assure.






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