About Us

Dear Friend,

CEO, Healthspan Lab

Are you tired of all of the confusion and hype that seems to come with nutritional supplements? Are you sick of supplement companies failing to give you concrete, honest information about their products?

You’re not alone. Hi, my name is Brad Adams and I’m the CEO of Healthspan Lab. As part of our mission, we’ve decided to position ourselves differently from many of our competition. For starters, we are deeply committed to delivering both high quality and proven results.

We include just the right amount of each high quality ingredient so every dose of our supplements does exactly what it should.

Real Life Results — Not Exaggerated Claims

Some supplement companies make bold claims about their product’s effectiveness. But when it comes to proving it… well, they frequently fall short. Or worse, they just don’t prove it at all. 

Some supplement companies may say they create products with your health in mind, but they are in the business of selling a broad product line. Their focus is to offer up many products focused on addressing the same ailment — and not all of them are created equally safe or effective. 

And it’s left to you to figure out which ones you can or should take safely together.

Our products are specifically designed to be complimentary to one another. You can take any of them without fear of overdosing on an ingredient.

Some companies even have been known to promote misleading information, or encourage taking more of their product than you actually need, and that could actually endanger your health!

Not Healthspan Lab. If there is no proof of results, we won’t sell it. 


That's why, when you look at any of our supplements, you’ll find proven test results behind all of the ingredients in our formulations.  

Save More of Your Time and Money By Choosing Healthspan Lab

No one deserves to get sub-par results from their supplements because the supplement maker chose to use poor quality ingredients to maximize their bottom line. 

You can rest assured that Healthspan Lab only uses the best quality ingredients. We take pride in every single capsule we produce. Our supplements contain just the right amount of ingredients so they always deliver exact, high quality results.

We aren’t satisfied with the results our supplements could deliver until they’ve been tested and refined to deliver solid results every time. Why? Because that’s the best way we know to virtually guarantee our products can help to improve your health. Our satisfaction comes from delivering real results and helping people — not padding our bottom line.

Fast Discreet Shipping

Some of our customers have shared their concerns about their neighbors knowing what products they’ve ordered online. 

Your satisfaction is far more important to us than any fluky chance of free advertising from our shipping boxes. That’s why every order from Healthspan Lab will arrive on your doorstep in ordinary-looking shipping containers. We also ship your order as quickly as humanly possible to maximize product freshness and avoid keeping you waiting any longer than necessary.

To Your Improving Health,

Brad Adams
CEO, Healthspan Lab