Beta Group Membership

Healthspan Lab

Our Beta Group is now closed.

If you'd like to join our waitlist, please send an email to


What is the Healthspan Lab Beta Group?

The Beta Group is made up of Healthspan Lab customers who will use our products to demonstrate their effectiveness over a 2 month period. In return for their participation and honest feedback, Beta Group participants receive the products for a very nominal cost.


Who is the Beta Group for?

The Beta Group is best for individuals who are experiencing some degree of hair thinning or hair loss. These members are willing to provide honest feedback and before and after pictures in return for getting the product at a nominal cost. (98% discount)


When does it start?

The Beta Group is currently underway. Membership will close as soon as all 50 spots are filled.


If I participate, what will happen and exactly what do I need to do?

Okay, here's the details:

STEP 1: As soon as you order and join the group, we'll send you:

a 1 month supply of our supplement...either Bountiful Hair(if you're a woman) or Hair Assure (if you're a man) and

a 1 month supply of Hair Bionic Topical Elixir-Enhanced Formula.


STEP 2: Within 3 weeks of receiving your shipment, you will send us a "before" photo of your scalp. (just a simple picture with your phone is fine)

You take the supplement and use the topical solution every day, exactly as directed.

STEP 3: Once we receive your "before" photo, we'll send you another 1 month supply of each product. (unless you've elected to use just one of them, which is fine so long as you let us know)

STEP 4: After using the products for 60 days, you'll send us an "after" photo of your scalp. You'll also write a very brief note about your experience and how you liked the products. (you can say anything, so long as its completely honest!)

STEP 5: As our thank you for participating, once we receive your "after" photo and note, we'll send you another bottle of each product.


98% is a huge discount. Why are you doing this?

People are naturally sceptical of products which claim to give results...and they should be. The best way that we know of to gain the trust of potential new customers is to demonstrate results.



From a financial standpoint, it doesn't make much difference to us whether the products are free or if we charge $7. But we know that when things are free, lots of people order just to get something free.

We hope that the small investment we are asking will weed out the "free" shoppers and get us a group that is motivated to follow through and get their hair back.